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yorky dog breeder.intrduction of yorky's root,charactor,and notes
yorky breeder


yorky roots

To ruin workman and coalminers' houses in an about inside Yorkshire area in the 19th century and to exterminate the turning rat, Yorkshire terrier was created. To a small nonsporting dog to which the improvement was aimed at and refined more greatly at that time though color of hair was a black. It is assumed that the terrier and the sky terrier of a black tongue were used for hybridization.

yorky charactor

Yorkshire terrier is cheerful and is active. The mama's baby in Masaki while it is mischievous. An intellectual, often rich feelings expression to react to the person is shown. It often barks carefully ..a sharp sense it.. when it is suspicious.

yorky notes

Even if it is small, strength of unyielding : enough. A useless barking and the bite habit also neatly : the education to Yorkshire terrier with few at Inu. The momentum doesn't need abounding very much, and a moderate stroll in outdoor is important also in sunbathing and the recreation. Might it be short and as for a pet cutting, the person whom management means very much be acceptable though he or she originally keeps a full court the net.

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